Confetti-Toss Cone DIY

Confetti-Toss Cone DIY

Seeing that The Flair Exchange is in the business of parties, we thought it might be really helpful if we shared a few ways to package a confetti toss or a confetti pop. A confetti toss is applicable for so many celebrations and not just wedding exits ( although we love a good confetti toss at a wedding! ). Think NYE party, 1st birthday, 21st birthday, bachelorette party, gender reveal; the list goes on forever! These cones are easy to make and require common pieces of office supplies.

Confetti-Toss Cone DIY


The Flair Exchange Confetti, 8.5 x 11 paper or card stock ( we used a translucent vellum ) and washi tape.


1. Start by folding your office paper in half lengthwise and then width wise. Using your scissors cut along the folds until you have 4 rectangular shapes.

2. Roll rectangles from corner to opposite corner until you’ve created a cones shape.

3. Using a 1 inch piece of washi tap seal along the rolled seam.

4. Fill with confetti and store upright.








Confetti-Toss Cone DIY

Confetti-Toss Cone DIY


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