DIY cocktail stirrers – Oscars edition


Are you prepping for the awards ceremony this weekend?  If so, you’ll really love this week’s set of blog posts. Yesterday I shared a simple and easy drink display to celebrate the Oscars. Today, I’m showing you how to create those sparkly DIY cocktail stirrers. I have several cocktail stirrer tutorials on the blog if you are so inclined to try another DIY cocktail stirrers tutorial. This tutorial takes ordinary glitter tape and turns it into a great addition to any cocktail.


DIY Cocktail Stirrers


Glitter Tape

Small craft punch

Bamboo Skewers


Step 1: Using your craft punch, punch two stars for each bamboo skewer you plan on using.


Step 2: Remove backing on tape and adhere one star on each side of skewer, pressing the sticky sides together.


Garnish glassware with finished product!




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