DIY Fringe Vase For Cinco De Mayo



Can you believe it’s almost May!?! While I can’t say I’m thrilled about the quickly passing time; I am quite excited to at the prospect of hosting a little get together for the 5th of May and the chance to mix up some margs.

We’re always searching for ways to utilize our Tissue Paper Tassel Garland Kits in a unique way; and this little vase right here is just that! I selected custom colors to create this vase; but our Bright color-way would be perfect for the occasion!

DIY Fringe Vase


Tassel Garland Kit


Card Stock

Modge Podge


Glassware ( a pint glass will do )



1. Being by trimming tassels so that they are single sheets of fringe & them trim so that the fringe hangs about 1 inch.

2. Apply a hefty layer of Modge Podge to cards tock and begin adding fringe from the bottom up.

3. Wrap fringe yardstick around glassware and admire!



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