Doily Banner DIY


There is something that I find so exciting about taking a pre-existing idea and changing it up to make it my own. I love the trend of mini pennant banner cake toppers, but wanted to create a new version of them. I have always adored doilies, and when saw these mini doilies in Michaels I knew they would be the perfect things to replace the pennants with. I decided to create a mini banner that could be used at a wedding, with the “J loves C” saying, but this idea is easily adaptable to birthday parties, baby showers, and more!

Doily Banner DIY



Mini doilies


Two skewers


A pencil

Paint of your choice

A paintbrush


Step 1: Place your stencil over the desired area of your lettering.


Step 2: Trace the stencil with your pencil, leaving a clear outline of your lettering.


Step 3: Paint inside the outline of your stenciled lettering.

Doilie Banner with Twine

Step 4: Cut a string of twine at your desired length, and weave it through the top holes of your doilies.

Doilie Banner Tied

Step 5: Tie the twine of your banner around the top of the skewers in a double knot, and trim any excess edges.

Doilie Banner on Pie

Step 6: Place the skewers in your preferred dessert (my personal favorite is apple pie, but a cake or even a donut tower would all be equally adorable), and enjoy!


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