Fresh Floral Cake Bunting – DIY

Fresh Flowers are all the rage right now. Have you seen this?

I wanted to take the idea of fresh flowers, bring to a bunting format and use a flower that anyone can find ( Carnations strike again, lol ). I adore Ranunculus, but they are NEVER readily available where I tend to shop. This fresh floral  ‘bunting’ is easy and really brings a nice element of girly to your standard cake. The flowers could be arrange in a different pattern to create other shapes. I’m thinking a heart, circle and even a monogram.



Fresh Floral Cake Bunting


Floral Wire

Flowers ( stems trimmed )


Bamboo Skewers


Step 1:

Thread floral wire through thick base of flower


Step 2:

Tightly twist wire around bamboo skewer


Step 3:

Wrap wire around the skewer in an upward method.


This is what your completed skewer should look like.


Repeat the process until you’ve made all of the flower topped skewers you’ll need to create the shape you desire.


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