Hot Chocolate Martini


While many of you are roasting mallows by the fire and enjoying cooler weather; that isn’t the case for everyone. So we though it’d be fun to mix it up a bit and do a chilled version of hot chocolate. Plus it’s a martini, and who can say no to a martini!?! Follow the steps below and you’ll be the hostess with the hostess this holiday season.

Hot Chocolate Martini Recipe


Vanilla Vodka

Creme de Cocoa

Simple Syrup

Whole Milk

Peppermint Sprinkles for garnishing



Prep glassware by garnishing the rim with peppermint sprinkles. Dip the rim of the glass in a shallow dish filled with simple syrup and the coat rim with sprinkles.

In a shaker filled with ice, combine 1 oz vanilla vodka .5 oz creme de cocoa, 1teaspoon simple syrup and 1 oz whole milk. Shake Vigorously until shaker is ice cold and cocktail has been thoroughly mixed.

Strain mixture into prepped glassware and serve!



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