Make a cocktail – swizzle sticks

If you are going to make a cocktail, there needs to be a fancy swizzle stick to go in that cocktail. I’ve posted a few swizzle stick tutorials for when you make a cocktail. This stick can be used for other things too. If you wanted to skewer caprese kabobs with a fancy stick, this tutorial would be perfect!

Make a cocktail



Bamboo skewers

Glitter Pipe Cleaners



Starting halfway up the skewers begin tightly twisting the pipe cleaner around the skewer and work your way to the top. Use scissors to trim any excess pipe cleaner. Tada!




Now, wasn’t that the EASIEST tutorial ever? Super cute too. These could be made in various colors by selecting different types of pipe cleaners. Just remember, if you are going to make a cocktail – you need to add one of these swizzle sticks!

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