Mason Jar Vase – DIY


I am so excited to Welcome Spring and the beautiful weather that is quickly approaching! As it gets  warmer outside, I find myself opening all the windows and letting the sunshine and crisp air in. Spring time is my one of my favorite times of the year as the days last longer and the flowers are starting to bloom. I love having fresh cut flowers around the house. It is cheerful and is an inexpensive way to add a little decor to your home. One of my favorite ways to display my flowers are in mason jars or in this case, I am displaying some fun yarn pom poms instead.


Any type of Mason Jar, wrapping paper or scrap paper, ribbons or fabric scraps.


There is no wrong or right way to create your Mason Jar Vase. I love usually various textures and fabric scraps make for great embellishments.  The great thing about using fabric and ribbons is that you can change out the colors to match the season or your decor! Happy Crafting!

Mason Jar Vase - DIY

Mason Jar Vase - DIY

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