Tartan Inspired Swizzle Sticks


To keep with our tartan inspired party essentials, I’m showing you how to make a really simple swizzle stick or food flag. These little decorative picks are versatile and can be placed in drinks, appetizers & sweets. You can use any kind of paper or cardstock as your base and vary the colors with different washi tapes.

Tartan Inspired Swizzle Sticks

Step 1: Gather Supplies, 1/2 inch strips of cardstock, washi tape, double sided tape, scissors & bamboo sticks.

Step 2 : Place piece of washi tape over cardstock strip.

Step 3: Place double sided tape on inside of cardstock.

Step 4 : Fold cardstock around bamboo stick and press to adhere.

Step 5: Use scissors to trim cardstock. I chose to trim mine in a decorative fashion, but you could just leave them with straight edges.

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Tartan Inspired Swizzle Sticks



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