What once started as an evening hobby and nothing more than an excuse to party with friends, The Flair Exchange has since grown to offer its customers trendy Party Kits and DIY tutorials. Get to know The Flair Exchange & the ladies who keep the show running.


The Flair Exchange®
Sarah is our Customer Care Manager. Sarah plays a huge role in keeping The Flair Exchange running, she handles all of our incoming inquiries about orders and keeps the virtual operations of the shop up and running.


The Flair Exchange®
I'm Carmen, the owner & creative director for The Flair Exchange. This blog & shop started as an evening hobby and an excuse for me to invite my girlfriends over for a glass of wine. I quickly realized my party aesthetic was unique and trendy, and wasn't satisfied with the options in big box party stores. After selling a few pieces of decor to close friends, I launched an Etsy store in 2010, we've since expanded into a full e-commerce website with over 50 retailers selling in the US and internationally.
Our products are unique because we make everything from scratch. We source raw materials and transform them into finished, packaged party goods here in our studio. We source materials as locally as possible, our tissue paper and balloons are manufactured here in the USA too. 
The Flair Exchange is a key resource for anyone planning small homemade events. As the creative director, I'm responsible for product development and content creation. The Flair Exchange operates from our studio in Maitland FL, where we oversee shipping Monday through Friday. While I don't have much formal training in the Arts, it is a true passion of mine. Just between you and me,  I actually graduated with a degree in Psychology, which makes me a great listener if you ever want to chat. I chose to leave my career in the healthcare field early in 2012 to make The Flair Exchange my full time gig. I believe a dance party and a little sunshine will cure whatever ails ya. 
Get to know more about our products here in the shop & answers to your questions on our FAQ page. Want to work together? Send me a message here.

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