Party Foul - Handcut Confetti - Metallic Rose Gold

Party Foul - Handcut Confetti - Metallic Rose Gold

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Party Foul Item

Party Foul items may be discontinued, imperfect production “seconds”, overruns, or unpurchased custom items.  They’re still great to use for your events and we’ll be sure to tell you the exact condition of the item below, but all sales are final!


Condition: Custom order overrun 


About the confetti

We know you've worked hard to select the perfect party color palette and standard 'party store' confetti just won't do. We've created confetti to match our products perfectly. Our confetti is made in house, each box is hand filled and sealed for you.

Working with a custom color garland? Don't worry, we're working on custom confetti too.

.5 oz package contains approximately 400 pieces of 3/4 inch round confetti

Confetti is made and packaged by The Flair Exchange in the USA


Color: Metallic Rose Gold


About delivery time

Please allow 1 business day for this item to ship. Read more about our FAQ here.